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Orlando Bloom One word promt challenge
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Word-prompt Challenge (WPC)

This is the Livejournal community that has the base in the yahoo group Orlando_Bloom_fan_fiction.

Here you have a list of prompts to write drabbles, ficlets, short stories ... that has to do with Orlando Bloom or one of his characters in at least one role.

You are welcome to join and would you want to become an author/take part in the challenge you have to be approved from the owner or maintainers and preferable post it in the yahoo group.

Here is the Rules and Guidlines;

1. Choose a Word-Prompt out of the list and write a drabble (short, one chapter) fan fic based on that Word-Prompt OR choose several Word-Prompts and write a multiple chapter fan fic with each chapter based on a different Word-Prompt. You find it here.

2. Drabble length to be a minimum of 100 words, any rating, any genre. Multiple chapter fic can be any length, any rating, any genre.

3. Use Orlando as a real person or use any of his movie characters but he must be a main character. Crossover stories is okay as long Orlando or his movie charcter is the main character.

4. Use the following Subject Line and Header format:

Subject Line: ?name of story? Chapter 1/? - ?Word-Prompt used? (total number of Word-Prompts per author/100)

Title and chapter number: (same as in subject line)
Rating and warnings: (i.e. NC-17, Slash, violence, rape)
Word Prompt:
Word count:
Author Notes:
Send feedback to: (i.e. Group or e-mail address)

5. There is no deadline.

All the prompt you will find HERE , as a 100 words table.
Or HERE part 1, Part 2, as ten tables of ten words each, if you feel this easier to tackle. (Link will be updated shortly)